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The carbon we have saved

Ad-MOTO reserves the right to exercise discretion in displaying any campaign, irrespective of whether it is the first campaign or otherwise.

The provision of a free-of-charge campaign is at the sole discretion of Ad-MOTO and may be subject to various factors including but not limited to campaign content, suitability, and strategic considerations.

The offer of a free-of-charge campaign applies only to the first campaign initiated by an agency and/or OOH specialist. Subsequent campaigns will be subject to regular pricing unless otherwise agreed upon in writing by Ad-MOTO.

To avail of the free-of-charge campaign offer, the campaign must be initiated and completed before the expiration date of the last working day of June 2024.
Ad-MOTO reserves the right to modify or terminate this offer at any time without prior notice.
By engaging in a campaign with Ad-MOTO, agencies agree to abide by these terms and conditions