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Ad-MOTO On A Mission

Ad-MOTO is a company laser focused on it’s mission to increase the urban advertising landscape, by reducing petrol vehicles and enhancing delivery rider‘s lives. The Ad-MOTO story is steeped in history which dates back to 2001 with the worlds first illuminated delivery / advertising box. Check out some of our old videos here for a good laugh.

Paul Vickery: THE GROOVER

CEO, Founder, Inventor & Visionary

Paul Vickery, Ad-MOTO's visionary Founder and CEO, is dedicated to globalizing the innovative concept of TV screens on eco-friendly delivery scooters. His mission? Transforming urban advertising, cutting petrol vehicle usage, and enriching delivery riders' lives. With a track record of scaling Nespresso franchises and leading successful startups in various sectors, including blockchain and VR, Paul brings unparalleled expertise to the table. Formerly CEO of Skoot Media and Skoot Logistic, he's poised to revolutionize the outdoor media landscape.

Alex Bolt: THE MOVER


It’s not surprising they call Alex the Mover. He is a seasoned mobility operator with experience running UK operations for Gorillas and previous roles with Addison Lee and AnyVan. He’s an operations specialist within the ground transportation, logistics and related technical industries. He’s passionate about using data and technology to solve complex problems to scale-up businesses.


Chief Technology Officer

Henry is a Senior Technology & IT Leader. He led the team that developed our patented advertising solution, as well as co-developing the people tracking technology that our advertising relies upon. As the CEO/CTO of a specialist IT company, Henry brings a high level of experience and knowledge to the team. In recent years, he has delivered cutting edge IoT as well as web and mobile application projects. He has also worked within the ebike market and has an in-depth understanding of lithium ion technology. He focuses on leading-edge technology that is robust, scalable and can disrupt the norms in any sector, such as leading on the development reporting and communications portal in use by over 30 airports globally. His focus is on creating a game-changing platform to deliver mobile DOOH content across the planet.

Paul Baber: THE FIXER

Co-Founder, Managing Partner and Head of Product

With both a Mechanical Engineering degree and a distinguished career pioneering both start ups and established companies, Paul’s mission is to find innovative solutions enabling him to consistently deliver products and experiences that exceed expectations. Paul’s passion and tenacity has led to him reshaping the landscape at Red Rhino Concrete Crushers, and later delving into the realm of sustainable technology with solar-powered systems. Paul’s ability to pivot quickly, imagine possibilities and bring ideas to life, has led to him think outside the (Ad)-Box and helped bring a game changing DOOH to the market. It’s no wonder they call him The Fixer.

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