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The Future Of Mobile Digital
Out of Home Advertising

How It Works

Six, Ten Second Ads

Static images and
full-motion video

Geo-targeting capabilities

Upload Ads On The Fly

Ad-MOTO can upload your ads remotely to the Ad-BOX within seconds of receiving the artwork. Select the location of your campaign based on geo-mapping and what time of day you’d like them to be most visible.

Real-Time Tracking

Every Ad-MOTO bike is equipped with GPS tracking providing advertisers with detailed turn-by-turn maps, as well as check-in proof of postings for each campaign.

Have an eagle-eye view of your advertising fleet’s movements and monitor activities any time you choose.


Using market-leading technology to detect the total number of unique MAC addresses within a 30-meter range of the Ad-Scooter

Collecting the Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) to determine distance from the Ad-Scooter. Data is cleansed to remove known static IOT devices and duplicates

Combined with accurate GPS data we can determine how many people came accurately within meters of the Ad-Scooter at any location.

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