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Carbon Saved
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The carbon we have saved

That Delivers

The Future Of Mobile Digital
Out of Home Advertising

UPdated Homepage

Reach More Customers

Filtering in traffic is how we ensure your ads are seen by more people

10 seconds full motion creatives

MP4 and JPEG formats accepted

Auto-brightness, visible under direct sunlight

Book 17% share of voice or up to 100% domination campaigns

Easy booking

Key geographical

Measure results
with real-time data

Featured In:

Three Dimensional Advertising

Unmissable at street level

150 Screens in London, increasing significantly in 2024

City centre hubs in high
footfall areas

Over 100,000 daily
advertising plays

Trusted & Loved By

Only Professional Riders

Ad-SCOOTERS cleaned and charged daily

Heat maps of content delivery

Hand-picked delivery riders

London Zone 1

Portman Sq Hub Location #1 Ad-MOTO re-purposes underutilized carparks, ensuring our rental hubs are perfectly situated throughout city centres

Case Studies


‘Roosults’ In partnership with Ad-MOTO, means people didn’t have to miss a minute of the action and could rest easy knowing Deliveroo is not only there to deliver tasty match-day meals but match-day scores, too!”

Aisha Jefferson, Head of Consumer Communications DELIVEROO


Impressions Delivered

30 Seconds

Live Score Updates


Live Games


Major Cities In The UK


“Ad-MOTO is an easy-to-work-with team of professionals making the process easy, enabling AnyVan to target and engage with our audience in a personable and fun way that’s not always easy to achieve through a website.”

Angus Elphinstone, CEO ANYVAN


Impressions Delivered


Lift in web traffic


Ad-SCOOTERs and 10 All-Stars


Hours central London


Using market-leading technology to detect the total number of unique MAC addresses within a 30-meter range of the Ad-Scooter

Collecting the Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) to determine distance from the Ad-Scooter. Data is cleansed to remove known static IOT devices and duplicates

Combined with accurate GPS data we can determine how many people came accurately within meters of the Ad-Scooter at any location.

Each Pound Spent Properly On Street Advertising Brings You Almost 3 Pounds Back

The 3 year study by the British Institute of Brand Science, which looked at over 600 outdoor advertising campaigns, concluded that ROI (return on Investment) in the case of outdoor advertising, without taking into account the positive effect of increasing brand awareness or of the penetration of the other advertising media is 280%.

Sustainable Advertising

100% Fully Electric Fleet Of Ad-Scooters

11,800 Tonnes Of Carbon Saved Annually

Taking Noisy & Polluting ICE Scooters Off The Road

Aligning With Your Sustainable Brand Values

Upload Ads On The Fly

Ad-MOTO can upload your ads remotely to the Ad-BOX within seconds of receiving the artwork. Select the location of your campaign based on geo-mapping and what time of day you’d like them to be most visible.

Real-Time Tracking

Every Ad-MOTO bike is equipped with GPS tracking providing advertisers with detailed turn-by-turn maps, as well as check-in proof of postings for each campaign.

Have an eagle-eye view of your advertising fleet’s movements and monitor activities any time you choose.

How It Works

Six, Ten Second Ads

Static images and
full-motion video

Geo-targeting capabilities