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Carbon Saved
--,---,---g CO2
The carbon we have saved

That Delivers

Ads Delivered

Delivering 5 million impacts per day​

London's Only MDOOH Channel

85% of digital plays delivered within Zone 1

81% of plays are delivered between 12pm and 9pm​

Targeting audiences during peak footfall

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Book 17% share of voice or up to 100% domination campaigns

Easy booking

Key geographical

Measure results
with real-time data

Featured In:

Unmissable at street level​

Mobile Advertising Reimagined

150 Screens in London, increasing significantly in 2024

City centre hubs in high
footfall areas

Over 100,000 daily
advertising plays

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Only Professional Riders

Ad-SCOOTERS cleaned and charged daily


Heat maps of content delivery

Hand-picked delivery riders

London Zone 1

Ad-MOTO is the only media owner that can offer concentrated mobile DOOH advertising in the heart of Central London.

Brand New

Brand new full motion digital inventory
available in previously inaccessible areas

Immerse your audience with bespoke activations

Powerful Touch Point

Slot seamlessly into your current marketing mix.
Add in that all important additional touch point

Helping with your ESG​

100% Fully Electric Fleet Of Ad-Scooters

11,800 Tonnes Of Carbon Saved Annually

Taking Noisy & Polluting ICE Scooters Off The Road

Sustainable Advertising

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Ad-MOTO can upload your ads remotely to the Ad-BOX within seconds of receiving the artwork. Select the location of your campaign based on geo-mapping and what time of day you’d like them to be most visible.

Industry Leading Data

Every Ad-MOTO bike is equipped with GPS tracking providing advertisers with detailed turn-by-turn maps, as well as check-in proof of postings for each campaign.

Have an eagle-eye view of your advertising fleet’s movements and monitor activities any time you choose.

How It Works

   Six, Ten Second Ads

Static images and full-motion video

 Geo-targeting capabilities